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La Setmana Santa (Holy Week) is Alghero’s most important religious event: it is the celebration of Spanish Easter, and sees the participation of almost the whole population. A statue of Christ is paraded through the town, following a specific itinerary for each day: on Tuesday, there is the procession of the sorrowful mysteries, on Thursday, the celebration of the stations of the cross, on Friday, the ritual of Christ’s being taken down from the cross and laid in the tomb, Saturday is the vigil, and Easter Sunday the resurrection. The procession is extremely evocative, as candles bearing typical paper lanterns are used to light the way. Other important events include the Procession of Our Lady of Valverde, the taking to the sea of Saint Christ of the Coral Coast, and the commemorations linked to saints Francis, Anna, Cecilia and Barbara. The first week of August sees celebrations in honour of Our Lady of Mercede (also the name of the church), with an evocative procession to the seafront, in which thousands of believers take part. The fair of S. Giovanni, with its gastronomic and commercial stands, not only marks the summer solstice, but also the start of an artistic event called Los Pintores de la Muralla. Along the Magellano bastion walls, an evocative corner of this Sardinian town, the many painters from the Non-profit Cultural Association ‘AlguerArte’, armed with brushes and colours, create their works in front of the admiring and curious eyes of many tourists and locals, through to the end of October. In July, we have the Gran Gala of sport and television, an evening event with the prize-giving of sports personalities, journalists, fictions with a sports theme and films, organised in collaboration with Rai national television and Sky. Each year, we also have the National olive oil tasting prize under the scope of the event ‘L’Oro di Alghero’, a competition in which not only professional tasters, but also simple samplers, can participate. The Alghero territory is, in fact, renowned for the cultivation of quality Bosana and the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil. There are many sports events, such as the Alghero-Scala Piccada car race, the sailing regattas, the swimming marathon and the free climbing on the promontory of Capo Caccia. The most famous festival is that of the sea urchin, or, in Catalan ‘de lo Bogamarì’, which is held between January and February, when the sea urchin is at its tastiest and fullest. Other important events include Carnival, where papier-mâché floats come all the way from Barcelona to take part, and the fireworks displays put on for New Year’s Eve (Cap d’Any) and Ferragosto August bank holiday, where the Alghero coastline is lit up with fires to admire the fireworks.




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