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Along the town streets, and particularly in those of the old town, or historic centre, alongside the Italian names, the Catalan equivalent can often also be seen. If in the ‘new’ part of town, the place names have simply been translated into Catalan, the same cannot be said of the historic centre, where the wording harks back to the more ancient Alghero cultural traditions. One part of the very central Via Carlo Alberto, for example, takes the Catalan name of Carrer de Sant Francesc (St. Francis’s Road), where the church by the same name stands. We can then identify themed areas, whose names refer to various 'categories’: we have a ‘regional’ area (Calabria, Toscana, etc., in Maria Pia), that of the great writers (Carducci, Pascoli, Dante and others in the area of Mercede), musicians (Mozart, Liszt and others near Hemmerle park), the Sardinian sub-regions (Barbagia, Gallura, Goceano, etc. in the Pivarada district), the Catalan artists (Mirò, espriu, etc. in Taulera), and Alghero artists (Sari, Giglio, etc. in Carmine). The first system of town fortifications dates back to the 13th century, and belongs to the Genoese set-up. In 1354, the town was occupied by the Catalans, who then restored and extended the defence system found there that same year, in very poor condition. Only a few stretches of the Genoese-Catalan curtain wall remain: most of the fortifications that can be seen today actually date back to the 16th century, and were built to the specific orders of Ferdinando ‘the Catholic’ who, believing the defence structures so badly degraded as to no longer afford the town protection, ordered that they be rebuilt. 7 towers and 3 forts can be counted along the walls.




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