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Porto Conto Park


The bay of Porto Conte, nature reserve of the Mediterranean sea, lies in the north-west part of Sardinia, in the town of Alghero (province of Sassari), and is enclosed by the karst promontories of Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio. The opening measures 6 km to the base, and 2.5 km wide. The coastal part is made up of little bays, precipices and the long sandy beach of Mugoni. Known since Roman times as Nimpharum Portus, meaning the Nymphs’ Port, it is one of the largest natural ports of the Mediterranean, sheltered from the north-westerly winds. This is why it has always enjoyed such great strategic importance over the centuries. For a few years now, the land has been subjected to natural protection as the regional park of Porto Conte, and the sea falls under the marine protected area of Capo Caccia Isola Piana. It is important both in terms of nature and tourism, with many tourism, sports and scientific activities taking place here, such as: scuba diving, caving, biking, climbing, botany, bird watching, archaeology, research, wine making, and nature photography. There are also a few examples of the white donkey imported from Asinara and housed in the regional park to preserve the species.




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